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In-Home Counseling for New Moms

Hey New Mama …

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all your new bundle of joy requires of you? Are you feeling isolated and alone? Is the idea of leaving your infant with someone else too anxiety-provoking or is the cost of childcare on top of the cost of therapy too much? Does the idea of bundling up your infant—and the diapers, wipes, extra outfit, swaddles, etc.  let’s be honest:  the whole house!—feel too daunting and not worth it?  

I get it.

I’ve been there. 

And that’s why for new parents, I can come to you. 

With in-home sessions, my goal is to make therapy more accessible to you, and there’s no better way to do that than in the comfort of your own home. While baby naps or nurses, we can take an hour to focus on you and all that you’re going through. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child … and in this case, the village can come to you.

In-Home Counseling FAQs

What if my baby cries the whole time?

That won’t bother me in the least – I have three kids and I’ve heard my fair share of crying and fussing.

What if I need to nurse or pump during our session?

If you’re comfortable with it, I am too. Motherhood is the ultimate demand for multitasking, isn’t it?!

My house is a mess… Will you judge me?

Absolutely not. I understand that this season of life is full of chaos and that cleaning your house is generally not a top priority.

Here’s an important distinction:  we often feel the need to clean before a guest comes over, but I am not a regular guest. I would be coming over as your therapist, where the focus and the purpose of the visit is solely to support you. This means you do not need to offer me a drink, snacks, etc.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality remains the same as it would in my office, with the exception that I cannot guarantee your confidentiality if others (such as your spouse) are present in the home.

Together, you and I will make every effort to maintain your confidentiality during in-home sessions. This will be a shared responsibility between us, wherein we will be mindful of what is said when others are within earshot. I want you to understand that in-home sessions and Walk+Talk sessions are unique settings where I may not be able to control if other people hear what is said during a session.

Is it okay if my spouse is home at the same time?

I am okay with this if you are. If this is the case, we will discuss confidentiality in depth when we meet in person for the first time in my office.

How is in-home counseling similar to regular counseling? Are there differences?

The only change is the location!

What would be reasons to not choose in-home counseling?

Many new moms are coming to counseling because they feel overwhelmed as a new parent and part of that overwhelm is sometimes not having a break from their infant. In those cases, I encourage moms to find a trustworthy babysitter to allow themselves a break where their only focus is on themselves.

What are the fees for in-home sessions? Do you have a cancellation policy?

In-Home Counseling Fees for Individuals:* 
– Intake/1st session 75 minutes: $210
– 50 minute session: $195
– 75 minute session: $210
– 90 minute session: $225

In-Home Counseling Fees for Couples:* 
– Intake/1st session 75 minutes: $220
– 50 minute session: $205
– 75 minute session: $220
– 90 minute session: $235

*In-home counseling travel fee if outside of Stapleton/Park Hill is generally an additional $50 and will be discussed on a case by case basis.

You can read more about my fees and cancellation policy here.

I have pets… Is that okay with you?

I love animals…except snakes—ha! I don’t have allergies and (unless you have a snake) you don’t have to worry about putting your animals away.

I’d like to schedule an in-home counseling session. What are the next steps?

I require all new clients to be seen in my office for their first session. After your first in-office session, we can do in-home sessions if you wish.

Is in-home counseling covered by insurance?

No. You can read more about my decision to not take insurance here.