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Your Postpartum Wellness Plan

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Up to 20% of pregnant and new moms will experience some form of anxiety or mood disorder.  This is a staggering number—especially considering these statistics are gathered based on what women report.  Due to the stigma around mental health, many women don’t report their depression or anxiety to healthcare professionals, so it’s likely that that number is higher. 

Pregnant moms often ask me if there’s anything they can do to prevent postpartum depression.  While there are no magical steps that a mom can take to prevent postpartum depression, there are some protective factors that can reduce her risk of developing postpartum depression or anxiety:  education, self-care, social support, safeguarding your relationship with your partner, and counseling.  

During pregnancy, take some time to map out a wellness plan with your partner so that when baby comes, you both know how you’ll support your mental health.  I’ve created one for you here:  postpartum prevention plan

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