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“I’ve taken advantage of the walk and talk sessions with Brittni

and found peace with my struggles thanks to her guidance and support.”

a Walk + Talk client

“I feel like I have tools to use. It was a great start to make me thinkabout how this can become a part of our parenting style.”

a Love & Logic class participant

“I have taken one of Brittni’s Love & Logic crash courses, and it was amazing. It really helped me and my husband be more on the same page. I highly recommend it, especially if you are like me and just need someone to give me the cliff notes.”

Rebecca Bitti

“I love how you simplified the various points and continued to remind us that they all may be modified and aligned with our individual values.  Thank you for your help.”

“What I liked most about the class is that it gave me greater insight overall and helped me identify problems in my parenting and changes I can make.”

“Brittni was super helpful to me after the death of my second son at ten days old. She was open, caring, and so loving. She is wonderful.”


Alison Gubser

“This was so helpful and worth every minute and penny. I am leaving with a brand new toolbox full of stuff. Thank you!”

“Each skill provided ‘ah-ha’ moments for me.” 

“Brittni’s classes help the parents feel at ease with the relatable, real-life examples.  She allows a safe place to learn and grow.” 

a Connected Parenting class participant

“The course was a great refresher, I’d recommend going back at least annually.”