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Parenting Strategy Sessions

Personalized Parenting Strategy Sessions draw from Love & Logic, Gottman Emotion Coaching, and a codependency framework to design a comprehensive plan to support you in the following ways:


  • Identify all the behaviors, situations, and arguments you’d like to improve
  • Determine the meaning behind your child’s behavior
  • Consider how the story you may be telling yourself about your child’s behavior is impacting how you respond to your child
  • Develop techniques and strategies to help you reach your parenting goals
  • Learn responses to repetitive problems
  • Come up with consequences for common offenses that won’t compromise your relationship or respect
  • Shame-proof your parenting practices
  • Examine your relationship with each child and discover ways to bring you two closer in order to support a long-term positive relationship that can withstand the trials and tribulations of puberty, transitions, and whatever else life throws at you and your child 


  • Develop realistic self-care techniques that will help you implement your parenting plan
  • Devise a plan to rid yourself of your parenting guilt
  • Examine how you and your partner were parented
  • Consider how your parents’ parenting approaches may be influencing your own parenting style
  • Examine your own personal life to discover what may be holding you back from being the parent you want to be


  • Develop techniques to have hard conversations (whether about parenting, your in-laws, money, division of labor etc.) with your partner that will foster resolution and compromise
  • Examine how your values, both individually and as a couple, can support your parenting techniques

FAQs About Parenting Strategy Sessions

How are Parenting Strategy Sessions different from individual or couples counseling?

Parenting Strategy Sessions are still considered therapy, however, there is an emphasis on improving your parenting. Since one cannot totally compartmentalize your roles in life, Parenting Strategy Sessions will also integrate your own mental wellbeing, professional life, and other relationships—as all of these areas of your life impact each other.

What if my child’s other parent isn’t interested in joining me for Parenting Strategy Sessions?

Parenting Strategy Sessions can be conducted individually or as a couple or co-parents.

Are Parenting Strategy Sessions appropriate for divorced parents and/or step-parents?

Yes! Parenting Strategy Sessions are especially important for divorced parents and step-parents. Research has shown that effective co-parenting relies on consistency from all parents, step-parents, and households.

Are Parenting Strategy Sessions coaching or therapy?

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Parenting Strategy Sessions are technically therapy with an emphasis on improving your parenting. As an LPC, I am able to offer more legally-bound confidentiality, training, and research-based interventions than a coach can.

How old should be my child be before I embark in Parenting Strategy Sessions?

Parenting Strategy Sessions are appropriate for any age child. As an expert in maternal mental health (pregnancy and postpartum depression, anxiety, etc.) and as an expert in counseling for teens, I am equipped to support you through all stages of parenting.

My partner and I can’t stop fighting and one of our main problems is that we differ so much on how to parent. Should we sign up for Couples Counseling (link to that page) or Parenting Strategy Sessions?

Agreeing on parenting practices is a common struggle for couples. If this is your only point of contention, Parenting Strategy Sessions is appropriate. If your relationship is strained in other areas as well, Couples Counseling may be beneficial, as it will address all areas of your relationship, including parenting, and will be supported by the data gleaned from the Gottman Relationship Checkup.