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Prenatal Preparation – The First Weeks

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Brittni is a facilitator for the “Becoming Us™” curriculum in Denver, Colorado.  Becoming Us™ classes are coming soon.  If you’re interested in a class, reach out for more information on upcoming dates!

Becoming Us – Elly Taylor

About:  Babies bring much joy, love, and wonder but also lots of normal changes and challenges for couples to prepare for and navigate. The Becoming Us™ transition into parenthood program prepares, guides and supports mamas and papas to manage the common changes of parenthood in ways that reduce stress, increase confidence, bring couples closer and lay the groundwork to build a solid foundation for the whole family.

Lots of couples these days make a birth plan, but it’s important to plan ahead for the postpartum period. There are simple and easy things you can do to make the transition as smooth as possible, freeing you up to enjoy all the good stuff!

For example – expect to need help (and you deserve it!). It still takes a village and there’s plenty of support out there – friends, family, neighbors, and professionals. Looking after a new baby is a full-time job and then some.

You may want help in the first few weeks, or even in the first few months. It’s common for newborns to have an unsettled period at about 6-8 weeks – that’s when you might really appreciate pre-prepared foods stocked in your freezer or someone to pick up groceries for you.

You can find a Nest Building Postpartum Plan on my website: ellytaylor.com.

Website:  ellytaylor.com


Babies Under My Wings

About:  Babies Under My Wings is a program that supports parents to understand and learn about their baby’s development making the transition to parenthood smoother.  Together we’ll strive for your baby’s optimal development.

Tip for parents:  Be physically as close to your baby as you can for the first weeks (skin to skin) and follow your motherhood/fatherhood instincts. Placing your baby at your chest (both parents) will enormously help with bonding.

Discount:  I would love to be with you for one additional hour on our first home-visit when contacted through Kindred Counseling’s Resource Page.

Address:  21140 Willow Park Place, Parker, CO 80138

Phone:  720-382-6359

Email:  [email protected]

Website:  www.babiesundermywings.com


Denver Community Classes

Denver’s birth community is rich with opportunities.  Since class offerings are always changing, please visit the following sites directly:

The Mama’hood
The Family Room
Belly Bliss
Natal to Nest

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