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Here’s what I want to shout from the rooftops (from at least 6 feet away):

It’s okay if you’re not okay.

Social distancing is impacting us in endless ways, highlighting our need for certainty, financial security, normalcy, and connection.

Attempting to work from home while simultaneously “homeschooling” your kids, running a household, and keeping you and your family sane is a tall ask.

This is scary, confusing, and unprecedented. That’s why I’m not going to send you a link to the CDC or share tips on how to wash your hands.

Instead, let’s talk about the real issue – people are afraid.

We need to identify and understand what we are really facing: yes, we are facing a new virus, but even bigger than that, what we’re truly facing is fear, vulnerability, disconnection, and anxiety. Fear of what might happen in the future; vulnerability during a time when we long for safety and certainty; disconnection when we most need support, and anxiety about what this all means.

We need to look fear in the face, name it for what it is, and then find a way through it—TOGETHER. Research has shown that simply identifying what emotion you’re experiencing helps to lessen the emotion.

So let’s shout it out loud:  we’re feeling fear.

Yes, fear is uncomfortable, intimidating, and unsettling.  But when we name it, we can begin to accept it.  When we try to act like it’s all okay, the fear grows, demanding to be noticed.  What we resist, persists.

Our strength during this time is that we don’t have to face the fear alone.  As a therapist specializing in parenting, relationships, and trauma, I want you to know that I am in your corner.

I believe we will not only survive, but thrive in these difficult times. How? TOGETHER.

If there’s anything this experience has taught us so far, it’s how much we need each other.  We are wired for connection.  It is as vital to our wellbeing as food and water.

If you need support, it’s okay to ask for help. While I am not seeing clients in my office until things calm down, I am relieved that technology allows us to stay connected with video sessions, scriptotherapy, and online groups.

In light of the heightened need for connection and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable (vulnerability), I am offering my upcoming Rising Strong workshops online, and at 60% off.  Secure your spot here.