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I’ve had many people express interest in my Rising Strong™ and Daring Greatly™ groups … but I’m getting two common questions that need to be addressed:

  • Question:  Could I go through the workshop on an individual basis?  
    • The Short Answer:  Yes, I provide similar information and activities for individual clients, and, I feel strongly that this material is most powerful in a group setting.
    • The Long Answer:  While it’s possible to opt out of a Rising Strong™ or Daring Greatly™ group because you’re nervous about being vulnerable with people you don’t know, I hope you challenge yourself to be brave and consider the group.  Why?
      • In my experience, those that are really nervous about a group setting are often those that would benefit the most from a group.  The beautiful thing that happens is that what makes them scared to be vulnerable in a group (shyness, fears of being judged, fears of appearing weak, or the assumption that no one will understand them) turns into the biggest areas of growth and healing as they learn that they indeed can be liked, accepted, and understood.
      • Brené Brown says that “vulnerability is not weakness” and emphasizes that the myth the being vulnerable makes you weak is “profoundly dangerous.”  She even goes so far as to refer to vulnerability as “the magic sauce” of relationships.
      • I’ve found that those that participate in a group see more growth, transformation, and opportunities for deeper reflection than those that receive similar information in individual sessions.  
      • Rising Strong™ and Daring Greatly™ explore the universal experiences of self-conscious affects such as guilt, shame, humiliation, and embarrassment.  Since these emotions can only be felt in the context of relationships, they can be best healed in the context of relationships.  In each interaction, piece of validation, and “me too”, your brain is being re-wired for connection and authenticity.
      • Think about it this way:  if you’ve always been resolute on going it alone, dealing with pain on your own, and clutching to the idea that you don’t need other people, and you’re still struggling, you might consider the notion that validation and connection with others might be a piece of your healing that you haven’t tried yet.
      • Being in a group can help ease the painful experience of isolation and loneliness.  In the safety of a group led by a therapist, you have an opportunity to practice re-engaging with people in a more authentic way.
      • In the safety of a group, a natural process occurs where the other group members provide you an opportunity to see a different perspective. With each response, it’s as if others are holding up a mirror so you can see yourself through their eyes.  And their view is quite often much kinder than then view you might have for yourself.  These ‘mirrors’ can uncover some blindspots that might be interfering with your relationship with yourself and others in ways you haven’t realized.
      • Hearing that you’re not alone in your struggles goes a long way towards healing.

  • Question:  What is it like to be in a Rising Strong™ or Daring Greatly™ group? 
    • The Short Answer:  Really powerful, perhaps even life-changing.
    • The Long Answer:  
      • In each group, you’ll feel supported, important, and included.  
      • We will all agree on ground rules and expectations for the group that will ease your worries.  
      • Confidentiality is discussed at length; what happens in group, stays in group.
      • You will be empowered to take care of yourself, set boundaries, and be intentional about your experience.  Each person will write their own coping agreement that states:
        • “If I am feeling overwhelmed, I will slow down.  I will not push myself to do things that feel unsafe.  
        • If I need to take a break and stop thinking about this work, I will: (fill in the blank)
        • If I need to process through my feelings, I will: (fill in the blank)
        • If I need to reach out, I will call: (fill in the blank)
      • Each person will anonymously answer the following questions, often revealing many commonalities between members:
        • What brought you here?
        • What are your fears/concerns about the group?
        • What would a successful experience look like for you?
        • What support do you need from this group to do the work?
        • What boundaries need to be put in place for you to feel safe?

All of these experiences are designed to help you feel safe so you can get the most out of this experience. 

The result?  You get to tell explore your story in a new way, allowing you to write your own ending. 

Still have questions about group?  Email me at hello@kindred-counseling.com.  Learn more about upcoming groups here.